Meet Dr. Bre

Dr. BreAnne Sargent comes to The Centered Stone with more than 250 official patient visits under her belt! Mom of 4.5 , musician. She had the incredible opportunity to serve on a mission trip in Mumbai India in January 2018, which provided the chance to see a large number of people from every walk of life in a short period of time. She was known on the trip as one of few student doctors with a special interest in pediatric patients, leading to a sudden stream of pediatric patients, all

with special needs who responded miraculously to receiving chiropractic care. These experiences propelled her forward as she returned from India and began her internship in the health center of Life West Chiropractic College. Her internship brought again a variety of patients, however she had the busiest pediatric and prenatal practice among her fellow interns. She had the opportunity to work with children with autism, ADHD, speech delays, difficulties walking, as well as pregnant women suffering from low back pain, sciatic-like pain and weakness in the legs. Her general population patients experienced things from over-all improvement of health and wellness, to relief of numbness in the arms and cessation of vertigo. She was able to complete her graduation requirements early, allowing her to move to Utah county to serve the community she knows and loves. She’s passionate about sharing chiropractic care with everyone to improve the function of their nervous system, with a special interest in women who want to become pregnant, are pregnant, have been pregnant, as well as babies and children