Class IV Laser Therapy

Class IV Laser Therapy – The Second Generation of Healing Laser

By Shirl “Rocky” Stone, D.C.

The Class IV Laser is an FDA-approved Class IV laser. Early Class III therapeutic lasers are effective, but literally thousands of times less powerful than the new technology available today. Class III lasers are capable of penetration of only a few millimeters, while Class IV lasers can penetrate over 4 inches into the deep musculoskeletal tissue.

The new lasers have been researched in European countries for several years, and it has been discovered that specific wattage and modulation can be used for specific conditions, never before available until now. The perfect blend of chiropractic and laser therapy produces phenomenal results in extremely short periods of time.

The number of treatments required depends on the nature of the problem and the length of time the patient has been affected by it. We have seen total resolution of some problems with as little as one treatment. Chronic and/or deep-seated conditions may take as many as 10 treatments and perhaps more with extreme cases.

Cellular Effects of Laser Therapy occur when photons of therapeutic laser light interact with cells. Higher adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) levels are produced, cell membrane permeability is increased, and blood and lymphatic vessels are vasodilated. These events then lead to a cascade of beneficial effects increasing cellular energy and health.

During each treatment, laser energy increases circulation drawing water, oxygen, and nutrients to the damaged area.  This creates an optimal healing environment that reduces inflammation, muscle spasms, stiffness, and pain. As the injured area returns to normal, function is restored and pain is relieved.

Joseph Petrone, MS, ATC/L Director of Sports Medicine, Auburn University,said:

“The K-Laser has decreased the recovery time of our injuries, which allows our athletes to return back to athletic competition quicker!”

Paul B. Sparling, MEd, ATC Head Athletic Trainer Cincinnati Bengal’s  said:

“We were introduced to the K-Laser midway last season and it immediately became an integral part of our treatment options with the Cincinnati Bengals.  It made our low-level laser virtually obsolete and proved to be very helpful in returning our injured athletes to the field quickly.”

R.G. of Pleasant Grove said:

I’ve had laser therapy 3 times a week since my knee replacement.  I went in for my 5 week check up and the Physician’s Assistant said he had never seen a knee after only 5 weeks in such pristine condition.