Massage Therapy

All services of 60 minutes or longer include a 10 minute foot soak/scrub to start off. This is considered part of the massage time. The client may choose to decline this part of the service, but it is their responsibility to let the therapist know that is their wish.


Classic Massage $70/50 min.

A Swedish-style/deep tissue massage ranging from light to deep pressure. Intended to initiate healing through relaxation.


Thai Yoga/Shiatsu $70/50 min.

This Japanese modality has roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The therapist uses a variety of massage techniques while applying pressure to the same acupoints and meridians found in



Hot Salt Stone Massage (with Salt Stones) $130/80 min.

The therapist uses smooth stones of various sizes either as an extension of their own hands or by placing them on various parts of the client’s body. While this modality has numerous benefits for the client, the primary use of the stones is to warm the tissue, so the therapist can work deeper faster.


Aromatherapy $75/50 min.

The use of essential oils in conjunction with massage therapy.


Cranial Sacral Therapy $70/50 min.

This modality focuses on the health of the brain and spinal cord by finding and releasing tension and/or compressions that can occur in the surrounding protective structures of the meningeal layers, bones of the skull, spinal column, and sacrum, through the use of extremely light pressure.


Reflexology $40/25 min.

This modality uses pressure to stimulate specific areas on the feet known as reflexes. These reflexes are known to affect other areas of the body when stimulated, thereby creating healing in the corresponding areas.


Energetic Healing Session $70/50 min

The therapist will use a combination of intuition and energetic techniques to promote emotional, mental, and physical healing through stress reduction and relaxation. The therapist may use techniques such as Reiki, chakra balancing with stones/crystals, emotional clearing, guided meditation/imagery, and essential oils.


Injury Massage (and/or Trigger Point Therapy) $70/50 min

This modality is designed to treat common ailments that show up post-injury. It is mainly used to treat injury which occurs from repetitive overuse, and normally incorporates the use of specially formulated protocols and trigger point therapy.


Sports Massage $70/50 min.

When an athlete pushes their body to the limits they may experience aches and pains, and stiffness. If this goes on long enough the tissue can shorten, increasing the chances for injury. Sports massage is