Himalayan Salt Cave

The Rumors are True!

The Centered Stone • Health and Wellness, has opened Utah’s first HIMALAYAN SALT CAVE, and many are already taking advantage of what the Himalayan salt cave has to offer; be it personally, socially, and even in their business ventures! There is something special that the atmosphere of the salt cave brings, and we want everyone to experience the benefits.

Sessions are typically available Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm, Saturday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm  (subject to availability.  Sessions are occasionally replaced by Events)

What Happens in a Salt Cave Session?

In each 45-minute salt cave session, you will experience what is called halotherapy, or dry salt therapy. You will relax in our comfortable zero gravity recliners, in a climate-controlled room surrounded by illuminated mineral-dense and pure unadulterated salt, micro-particles of this salt are emitted into the air through a halogenorator. This patented technology allows the mineral-dense salt (with over 84 essential trace minerals) to passively enter your lungs and initiate certain healing processes.

The benefits of the cave can be broken down into two categories: 1.The physical health benefits, and 2.The emotional and psychological benefits.

Let’s Talk About the Physical Health Benefits of Halotherapy in the Salt Cave:

Halotherapy is a drug-free, noninvasive treatment for expanding lung function, which has been used for centuries for alleviating certain health problems such as asthma, allergies, sinusitis, bronchitis, and a host of other respiratory illness. It is a modern-day therapeutic method based on the principle of the natural salt mine microformats (speleotherapy), where frequent exposure to the salt produced healing results for miners and others experiencing respiratory illnesses.

In addition to the immediate benefits to the respiratory system, others utilize the cave to boost energy, improve sleep, conquer certain skin and hair ailments–and the list goes on.

Let’s Talk About the Emotional & Psychological Benefits of the Salt Cave:

Every square inch of the salt cave is designed to bring peace, comfort, inspiration, creativity, and healing to the body, mind, and soul. The immediate tranquil ambiance is not experienced by accident. Designed by meditative artist and mindfulness instructor Amy Stone, every pattern, every shape, every color, every texture, and every placement of light has been meticulously planned out and executed, based on neurological evidence of what is proven to help us naturally stay in a peaceful and logical state of mind. Were you drawn by the beauty in the photos of the salt cave? See? It’s working already. Just wait until you experience it in person! For many, the salt cave becomes a refuge from the chaos of the world, as well as a breeding ground for creative thought and positive energy. When utilizing the salt cave, many have found alleviation from depression, aid in the ability to combat addiction, and an overall feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

Why Utilize the Benefits of the Cave in Your Business?

People in a business setting, especially a new business setting, often feel on guard, intimidated and bombarded by that which is presented to them. Breaking down barriers and establishing relationships of trust, with clients and associates, can be a difficult stumbling block. The salt cave is a naturally peaceful environment. It is designed to instantly put people at ease and let them relax. It is also an environment where creativity, ingenuity, and motivation are easily fueled. Can you imagine how this will affect your business communication, presentations, and motivation of others? So many possibilities are waiting for you in the salt cave!

What Happens When You Combine the Physical, Emotional, and Social Benefits of the Salt Cave?

Come find out.

Single 45-minute salt cave sessions (for one individual) are $35.

Himalayan Salt Cave Sessions:   10 passes $149

Himalayan Salt Cave Sessions:   6 passes $115



Here is the price for renting the entire cave (with a 20 person capacity):

• 1 hour private salt cave session for $250

2 hour private salt cave session for $349.00

Make your reservation today!  801-692-1750