The Perils of Yard Work…

The Perils of Yard Work…

It’s spring!  The yard is calling…

Getting outside in the sunshine and working the earth can be very therapeutic for the mind, body, and soul.  However, sometimes the project is bigger than our bodies are prepared for.  When that happens, we really feel it the next day!  Remember to stay hydrated while you are working.  Change positions during the project to avoid tomorrow’s pain.  When you feel yourself stiffening up, stretch – slow, patient stretching can do a lot of good for your muscles.  If the stretching doesn’t do it, or if there is a “catch” or a “zinger”, come and see me.  Getting the joints of the body adjusted can allow the body to heal much faster.  If the ensuing problem is keeping you from doing your day job, we can always add a therapy to make the healing happen much faster!  Class IV laser therapy causes the cells to heal twice as fast as normal, introduces natural anti-inflammatory agents into the cells, and reduces pain.  Spinal decompression therapy can help reduce the nerve and muscle pain associated with disc impingements or injuries.  Simple things like sciatic pain and neck pain that goes into your arm can be improved with decompression therapy.  Also, remember to supplement your body with the natural building blocks that it needs.  Your body will thank you if you give it an herbal anti-inflammatory instead of an NSAID.

Surgery & Fracture Recovery

Here’s the greatest news: Fractures heal faster with high power laser therapy treatments!

I’ve had laser therapy 3 times a week since my knee replacement.  I went in for my 5 week check up and the Physician’s Assistant said he had never seen a knee after only 5 weeks in such pristine condition.
-RG,  Pleasant Grove UT

One patient came in for laser therapy on a Friday because his doctor was planning surgery if his fracture was not healing by the following Wednesday. He also had laser therapy on Monday, and then went in on Wednesday for x-rays. The doctor took off his cast and threw it away, marveling the whole time about how completely healed the fracture was! What an incredible tool!

Patient Testimonials

So many problems are seeing great results with chiropractic care combined with Class IV Laser therapy, available at Stone Chiropractic.  This is the same laser that was featured in the news recently.  Here’s what patients have to say about our laser:

Nearly two years ago I cut my arm and wrist on broken glass.  Two tendons and two nerves were severed.  After surgery I have had numbness and extreme localized hyper-sensitivity.  My surgeon told me it would be many years before I would be back to normal, and that the last sense to return would be that of hot and cold.  Shortly after the first treatment with the laser, I was surprised to be able to feel the cold of a door knob.  After only two weeks of treatments, the hyper-sensitivity in my hand has decreased, and the numbness has been mostly replaced with a tingling sensation.  I am excited to feel the progress as the treatments continue.

J.M. Lehi, Utah

Nine years ago I had a test done on my lymph to rule out cancer.  It was the old kind of test that took most of lymph nodes from one arm pit to get a fair sampling of nodes.  I was left with lymphedema, and numbness from my arm pit to my elbow.    Since then I have had daily therapy to drain the fluid from my arm.

Dr. Stone encouraged me to start laser therapy.  I was surprised at how easy and pain-free the treatments are.  The first thing I noticed was a deep ache all over my arm, but then on the third treatment, my arm pit started to sweat!  I haven’t had any sweat in that arm pit since the surgery.  During the sixth visit I noticed sensation below my elbow, and by the seventh visit I was having sensations around the outer edge of my arm pit.  My lymph system is working better, and I can’t wait to see what else improves during the next few visits!

L. B. Utah

January of this year, I made a commitment to my family that I would accompany them on a trip to Nauvoo, Illinois.  After three failed surgeries to repair a knee tendon two years ago, I was still walking with a cane.  My back was paying a great price.  Time was moving on, our tickets were purchased, our reservations were made, yet my back seemed to be getting worse.  I simply didn’t know what to do.

I was driving through town one day and I thought about Dr. Stone and his “feel good bed”.  I wondered if it would help me.  When I went in, Dr. Stone said, “We have gone high tech, now.  We have this new laser light that is working wonders on deep pain.”  I didn’t even hesitate.  I knew I needed help.

After three treatments I could walk without my cane.  I can now stand up straight and feel, oh, so much better.  And tomorrow we go to Nauvoo!

M.L. Pleasant Grove, Utah

Call today for an appointment and see how the K laser can help you!

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are common in today’s active society.  Due to increases in athletes’ size, speed, power and strength, greater stress in placed upon an athlete’s muscles, tendons and ligaments.  The key to properly treating a chronic sports injury is to identify the complete cause, not simply to treat the injured area.

If an individual suffers from multiple chronic sports injuries, dehydration must be ruled out.  This is found in individuals that have a tendency to sweat more than average.  In this case, increasing water intake is good, but not sufficient to ward off potential injuries.  Electrolyte balance is very important because sweat contains salts that must be replaced.  When the body is dehydrated and imbalanced from an electrolyte standpoint, pulled muscles are very common.

Chronic sports injuries are often due to overuse syndromes.  In year-round warm climates, like in California and Florida, athletes can play the same sport throughout the year making overuse and repetitive stress injuries such as tendinitis (painful inflammation of the tendons), and arthritis (joint inflammation) commonplace.

At Stone Chiropractic, athletes enjoy the benefits of having a chiropractor who knows extremity adjusting.  Not only can Dr. Stone align the spine, but ankles, knees, wrists, shoulders, all get put in their places, thus improving the golf swing, the running, the balance, etc.

Dr. Stone also addresses nutrition as it applies to athletes.  With the increased intake of oxygen comes the increased need for anti-oxidants and omega 3.

In addition, Dr. Stone has the K-Laser.  This is a class IV, 10 watt laser that heals on the cellular level.  There is a wide variety of sports injuries that heal faster with laser therapy:

  • Bruises
  • Fractures
  • Tendonitis
  • Sprains/strains
  • Joint pain
  • Plantar fascitis
  • Bursitis
  • Pulled muscles
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease
  • Shoulder pain
  • Knee pain
  • Ankle pain
  • Wrist pain

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K-Laser Video Introduction