Why do my feet prickle when I sit on them too long?

“Why do my feet prickle when I sit on them too long?”

That moment when you try to get up from the floor where you’ve been sitting on your legs for 20 minutes…

They feel like clubs, or someone else’s feet!  …and then it begins… the prickling!  It is not funny, but we laugh to keep from crying!

Eventually, the prickling stops and you can walk again, thankfully!  What caused that?  Some say it was because you cut off the blood supply for too long.  In reality, blood does not have feelings!  So it isn’t the blood supply.

It is actually the fact that you pinched the nerves that send messages to your feet.  When you unfloded your body, the nerves began to wake up and pain is the first sensation.

It’s the same thing that happens to segments of your spine when something (like a bone or a swollen tissue) is leaning on a nerve!  And that’s where I come in.  I move bones and stuff off of the nerves so they can wake up.  Sometimes, when they have been asleep too long, there will be that first sensation of pain.  But then the healing begins and the pain goes away.

The weird thing is, like sitting on your feet, you don’t know that something is asleep until the pinched nerve is un-pinched.  That is why I recommend that my patients get adjusted regularly, even when they are not in pain.


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Dr. “Rocky” Stone