Why do I need to be adjusted if I am not hurting?

Why do I need to be adjusted if I am not hurting?

This is the question I welcome the most!  It gives me the opportunity to explain the basic principles of chiropractic care!  Here are a few of my most favorite reasons to get adjusted, even when there’s no pain present:

It keeps the joints lubricated and moving properly.  Lubricated joints keep the cartilage tissue healthy in the joint complex.  In other words, your joints won’t wear out as fast!

It stimulates the nervous system which, in turn stimulates the muscles and organs of the body.  Every cell in your body is innervated by the nerves that come out of your spine.  It only takes the weight of a nickel on a nerve to reduce function of the organs and muscles they go to.

It stimulates your immune system to fight off all the viruses and bacteria we are constantly exposed to every day.

It stimulates endorphin and encephalin release.  These are natural pain relievers.  They stimulate happy feelings and give you energy.  Endorphins are very important in helping your body to avoid auto-immune diseases.

It realigns your proprioceptive receptors so you can perform better.  Proprioception is the sense of relative position – knowing where your body parts are in space and time.  In other words, you have better balance and coordination in sporting events or performances.