Four critical elements our bodies need!

Let’s talk about the liver.  I keep noticing that many of my patients are having symptoms of a struggling liver, so I thought I would help you understand how the liver works.

Outside toxins and chemicals from drugs and sugars must go through the liver to be converted into something the body can safely use.  The liver uses glutathione to convert all those bad things.

The four critical elements our bodies need in order for you and me to survive;

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Food
  4. Glutathione

When we “run out” of this important element, our liver starts to wrap all those bad chemicals in fat and store them …  where ever it can!  That’s bad!

Glutathione has hundreds of functions in the body. But for most people, if we are able to remember the 5 main benefits, we will be familiar with about 90% of what glutathione does:

I will give you AN IDEA here:

  1. It is your Body’s own Master Antioxidant
  2. It is an Immune System Booster and Balancer
  3. It enhances Detoxification of toxins, pollutants, chemicals, etc.
  4. It regenerates mitochondria at the cellular level, giving you Energy
  5. It has an Anti-Aging Effect on your cells.

Research is being done at an ever increasing rate today. As a result, it is now understood that a healthy eyeball has high levels of glutathione, and an eyeball with cataracts is lacking in it.

Let me help you increase your glutathione levels.  Come in for an adjustment and let me teach you what things you need to do for your liver!!

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