Chiropractic is for Babies!

I welcomed my new 6 pound 11 ounce grandson into the world with his first adjustment on the third day of life. He was born Sunday, the 21st, and I checked his spine on Tuesday as soon as he got home. Birth can be hard on these little guys. The pressure against the head is quite substantial and can cause quite a bit of trouble if the vertebrae get stuck and quit moving. I’ve found that babies sleep better, cry less, have less colic, have stronger immune systems – after they get adjusted.

I was grateful to be able to help my daughter earlier Sunday. This little guy was insisting on being born posterior. With a technique called “Webster Technique” I was able to convince him otherwise. He settled down into the correct position for birth and my daughter immediately started having less back labor and more productive labor. That was a great chiropractic moment. It is thrilling to see someone benefit so dramatically through chiropractic!

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