Vitamin D3 & RSV

Pregnant women who take vitamin D can prevent a respiratory illness in newborns called RSV according to a new study published in the American Academy of Pediatrics, May, 2011.
The study suggests that out of the five-million RSV cases every year in the United States, a million fewer kids would get the respiratory virus if more pregnant moms took vitamin D supplements.
“Right now in this study they quote it as 400 international units — so the same as for a newborn child. Although, there have been studies that have shown up to 4,000 international units,” Blackburn said.
The study found that infants who were born with Vitamin D3 levels higher than 75 were 6 times less likely to get RSV in the first year of life.
“Vitamin D deficiency in healthy neonates is associated with increased risk of RSV LRTI in the first year of life,” the study authors write. “Intensified routine vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy may be a useful strategy to prevent RSV LRTI during infancy.”

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How do I power my brain?

Have you ever found sweat glistening on your forehead even when you weren’t doing any physical work? That’s the heat given off by the brain! The brain, which comprises only 2% of the body’s weight, uses more than 20% of the oxygen you breathe. The job of managing every cell in your body requires massive amounts of energy. When researchers began to look at the aging brain, they found that antioxidants played a critical role in maintaining optimal function. Memory, learning ability, and even mood are affected by antioxidant nutriture.

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