June 2011 Newsletter

Chiropractic and Mood Swings

Men like to think that women have the claim on mood swings, but everyone: men, women, adolescents and the elderly can be affected. In fact, according to WebMD.com, up to 5% of the general population is affected by a dysthymic disorder, or mood disorder.
Rather than taking medications, you can try alternative natural ways for a solution. Since mood swings may be the result of a person’s body missing a natural ingredient, chiropractic care combined with exercise could eliminate mood swings. What we feel physically can drive what we feel emotionally. Therefore, correcting the physical through regular adjustments and physical activity can help with the emotional. Physical pain can be a large factor in someone who has a foul mood. Removing that pain can play a large part in improving a bad mood.
With chiropractic care, removing subluxation will restore proper nerve flow, in turn, restoring the optimum performance of the nerve and function. Subluxation is the misalignment of the vertebrae, restricting motion and interfering with the spinal nerve. Getting adjustments, combined with some physical therapy and laser therapy, can result in better spinal health and overall health.
Additionally, tweaking your diet and supplements could aid in balancing your mood levels.

July 2011 Newsletter

Why do I need to be adjusted if I’m not in pain??
Every science of healing has what is known as an “avenue of approach.” In the field of medicine, a hypodermic needle injects drugs through the skin; a pill is swallowed and goes into the stomach. There need not be anything wrong with either the skin or the stomach. They are merely the “avenues” through which the drugs gain access to the body.

In the field of chiropractic, the ‘avenue of approach’ is primarily the spine, for this is the framework which houses and protects the spinal cord, the ‘switchboard’ of the nervous system. From the brain, nerves pass down the spinal cord and out to different parts of the body. The nerves leave the spinal cord through openings between the spinal bones, or vertebrae.
When these vertebrae get out of alignment, interference with the normal activity of the nerves can result. Since science has proven that every function of the entire body is under the control of the nervous system, this interference can disturb normal function throughout.

Now you know why you need to be adjusted regularly!

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