Homeopathic Injectables

Homeopathic injections are available at Stone Chiropractic in Pleasant Grove, UT.  Here is an introduction to homeopathic injectables to help you decide if this avenue of healing  is one you should try.

By Dr. Wilfried Stock

Homeopathic injectables must be manufactured in accordance with the rules of the official
European pharmacopoeia if they claim to be homeopathic. They are used therapeutically in
various “special” forms of treatment such as anthroposophic medicine, antihomotoxic medicine,
combination homeopathy and classic homeopathy.
More than 120 million ampoules of homeopathic or anthroposophic medicinal products are now
manufactured and distributed in the EU every year. Over 90% of these products are produced by
German homeopathic and anthroposophic manufacturers.
The parenteral dosage form was first described in the specialist homeopathic literature in the 19th
century [1]. Since then, homeopathic therapists have studied and made practical use of what was
at that time, a method of administration completely new to homeopathy [2].
Bergmann [l.c., 2] expressly states that it is advantageous for the homeopathic remedy if it does
not have to pass through the gastrointestinal tract where it is severely altered by the gastric and
intestinal juices. In this author’s view, potentized homeopathic remedies work best when applied
unchanged to the mucosa or – even better – injected under the skin or into the bloodstream.
However, the same author mentions that not all cases of disease can be treated using parenteral
administration, and that it is up to the doctor to make the appropriate choice. He also recommends
using the “injection method” only when the symptoms of the disease leave no doubt as to the
choice of the right “similar” and treatment via the internal (oral) route has failed to have any effect.
The new method of administration does not in any way alter the homeopathic character of the
remedy in question, the author continues. It also does not alter the validity of the Law of Similars,
as is impressively demonstrated by specimen cases.
In the same study the author also describes “injections” of high potencies (D 30 and D 300).
The mother tincture was prepared by succussion with water instead of alcohol [l.c. 2, p. 67].
The number of injections given depended on the course of the healing process.

As already indicated above, subcutaneous and intravenous administrations were the first
parenteral forms of administrations used in homeopathy. They have been joined in the past
50 years by others such as intramuscular, intracutaneous, intraarticular and
periarticular forms of administration.  These were among other things a result of the

introduction of new treatment techniques such as homeosiniatry [3], neural therapy and

biopuncture by J. Kersschot [4]. All these invasive techniques exploit the advantage gained by administering the homeopathicremedy locally, directly to acupuncture points or trigger points.
These treatment techniques are used mainly to treat injuries, various types of headache,
muscular pain and tendon pain, and acute and chronic inflammatory processes [4].
The main reason for injecting homeopathic solutions into trigger points or into particular
acupuncture points is that injecting the homeopathic remedy at that point markedly
intensifies the healing effect. In the case of administration at an acupuncture point,
the penetration of the injection cannula produces a stimulus similar to that of an
acupuncture needle.

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Acupuncture is based on restoration of the body’s natural healing ability.  This power or energy is called “QI” (pronounced “chi”).  It has been called different names by different cultures, however this “Life Force” or Innate Intelligence is the essence of self healing.  The intent of acupuncture therapy is to promote health and alleviate pain by carefully restoring the natural flow of chi or qi as it circulates through 14 known pathways, called meridians.  Meridians are connected to bodily organ systems.  Very simply, acupuncture works  very much like chiropractic, restoring this natural flow of qi to areas that are weak or lack the indispensable life force.

The acupuncture treatment involves the use of very fine needles which are inserted into the meridians to open the passages of the energy flow.  In most cases the tiny needles are about the size of a human hair.  The insertion is almost unnoticed by the patient.  In our office, a very light electrical current is sent through some of the needles.  This speeds up the recovery time and decreases visit frequency.

Acupuncture therapy is a technique that is employed to balance one’s bodily energy.  Inherent to living things is that energy or polar forces (positive and negative) which are vital to the life process.

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Product Spotlight
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November 24th, 2010
Weight-loss discovery

High vitamin D is linked to 80%less belly fat. That’s what the researchers at University of Minnesota found: “What’s interesting about our weight-loss study is that we didn’t recruit people to be insufficient in vitamin D – we recruited people who were overweight, and they happened, on average, to have inadequate D levels,” explains the study’s lead author Shalamar Sibley, M.D.

Michael F. Holick, M.D., Ph.D., a professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics at the Boston University School of Medicine explains, “If you’ve got a lot of fat, the amount of vitamin D you’re taking in may be the same as a thinner person, but it’s diluted substantially, so you’re going to have less vitamin D in your bloodstream.”  “Vitamin D reduces fat and that’s the reason people with higher levels are skinnier,” says John J. Cannell, M.D., founder and executive director of the Vitamin D Council.

The best blood test  to have is the “25 – hydroxyvitamin D test,” which tests for the circulating form of the vitamin.  Dr. Holick cautions, “Many doctors test for the active form, but some people have serious vitamin D deficiencies even when their activated levels appear to be normal.”

The other key to this puzzle is magnesium.  If your body is acidic, it will use all your magnesium to jump start your bodily functions and you won’t have any left to porduce the activated form of vitamin D.  So magnesium functions as a critical helper of vitamin D, which in turn helps calcium.  So the best strategy?  Alkalinize your body by greening up and graining down.  Aslo, the negative ion energy bracelets and water filters that are available in my office will help to keep your body in a more alkaline state.

I have more information on this at my office.

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The answer to November 3rd’s question

Medicine’s approach is with drugs and surgery, putting something into or taking something out of the body.  Chiropractic’s approach is to remove the interferences with the body’s ability to heal itself, naturally.  Medicine looks at pathology, or how much disease in in the body.  Chiropractic looks at physiology or how much ______ is in the body.

a.  disease

b.  water

c.  health

d.  pain

Congratulations to all those who answered correctly and received a discount!
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