Infant Colic

What can I do about colic? It’s so hard for me to hear my baby cry and there seems to be nothing I can do about it!

For any of you that have ridden the emotional rollercoaster of a colicky baby, it isn’t something you soon forget.  The inability of a parent or caregiver to console the child leaves them questioning their parenting skills.  A recent study that evaluated the effects of spinal manipulation versus a common prescription medication (dimethicone) reported:

“Spinal manipulation is effective in relieving infantile colic, and that by the end of the two week trial period, the manipulation group did significantly better than the drug group.  In fact, crying was reduced 2.7 hours per day in the chiropractic group.  In contrast, crying had dropped only 1 hour per day with the use of dimethicone.   In the course of the 12 days of the study, the children being adjusted saw a 67% reduction in crying versus 38% in the drug group.”

Another investigation showed that 91% of parents in the study reported that improvement in colic occurred within one week of treatment.

I have also noticed some supplements that help increase the effectiveness of the adjustment.  Check with me for proper supplementation.

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