Patient Testimonials

So many problems are seeing great results with chiropractic care combined with Class IV Laser therapy, available at Stone Chiropractic.  This is the same laser that was featured in the news recently.  Here’s what patients have to say about our laser:

Nearly two years ago I cut my arm and wrist on broken glass.  Two tendons and two nerves were severed.  After surgery I have had numbness and extreme localized hyper-sensitivity.  My surgeon told me it would be many years before I would be back to normal, and that the last sense to return would be that of hot and cold.  Shortly after the first treatment with the laser, I was surprised to be able to feel the cold of a door knob.  After only two weeks of treatments, the hyper-sensitivity in my hand has decreased, and the numbness has been mostly replaced with a tingling sensation.  I am excited to feel the progress as the treatments continue.

J.M. Lehi, Utah

Nine years ago I had a test done on my lymph to rule out cancer.  It was the old kind of test that took most of lymph nodes from one arm pit to get a fair sampling of nodes.  I was left with lymphedema, and numbness from my arm pit to my elbow.    Since then I have had daily therapy to drain the fluid from my arm.

Dr. Stone encouraged me to start laser therapy.  I was surprised at how easy and pain-free the treatments are.  The first thing I noticed was a deep ache all over my arm, but then on the third treatment, my arm pit started to sweat!  I haven’t had any sweat in that arm pit since the surgery.  During the sixth visit I noticed sensation below my elbow, and by the seventh visit I was having sensations around the outer edge of my arm pit.  My lymph system is working better, and I can’t wait to see what else improves during the next few visits!

L. B. Utah

January of this year, I made a commitment to my family that I would accompany them on a trip to Nauvoo, Illinois.  After three failed surgeries to repair a knee tendon two years ago, I was still walking with a cane.  My back was paying a great price.  Time was moving on, our tickets were purchased, our reservations were made, yet my back seemed to be getting worse.  I simply didn’t know what to do.

I was driving through town one day and I thought about Dr. Stone and his “feel good bed”.  I wondered if it would help me.  When I went in, Dr. Stone said, “We have gone high tech, now.  We have this new laser light that is working wonders on deep pain.”  I didn’t even hesitate.  I knew I needed help.

After three treatments I could walk without my cane.  I can now stand up straight and feel, oh, so much better.  And tomorrow we go to Nauvoo!

M.L. Pleasant Grove, Utah

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